Balloon Festival shows the world that “Mexico does things right”

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By Ivan Santiago Marcelo. Correspondant.
Leon, Gto., Mexico, Nov. 20 (Notimex).- The International Balloon Festival (FIG, for its acronym in Spanish) shows the world that in Mexico things are being done right, but especially that good news and conditions to enjoy with the family and friends exist, Abraham Rocha Moreno pointed out.

 “By having an approximate coverage of over 200 national and international media we show that in Mexico, not everything is bad news”, the president of FIG council indicated to Notimex.

This event, he added, helps in many aspects, among them the economic, because it brings a great quantity of economic spill not just to Leon and the region but to the entire country.

The image of what currently happens in the country is taken by over 100 pilots to their countries, who are recognized by their quality in regards to aerostats flight and the number of competitions that they have own.

 “Five of the 10 main pilots in the world are meeting this weekend flying here in our city, they’re pilots from the United States, Japan, Spain, Ukraine and Belgium”, he detailed.

They, he pointed out, see in this event the opportunity to meet the pilots of different countries, besides finding friends that normally get together at many destinies of hot air balloons around the world.

 “The interest that mainly draws their attention is to meet in one of the world’s most important events, in this case is Mexico, and the fact that they decide and raise their hand to accompany us here speaks and reinforces the importance that our event has”, Rocha Moreno pointed out.

He also said that this great party, the third most important in the world, has registered tourists from Taiwan, China, India, Japan, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, the United States and all of Mexico.

 “The affluence that it has, gives us the confidence that the goal of receiving 500,000 visitors can be fulfilled (…) Those who didn’t come to the Balloon Festival see these beautiful images and next year they come, enjoy the party, because it surely will be even better”, Rocha Moreno affirmed.

He explained that beyond fulfilling goals over the balloon festival’s size, they are interested in fulfilling quality goals in the show.

 “This time we have 40 special figures, 10 of which are completely new; a balloon from India arrived on Saturday, is literally being unpacked from the factory and these speaks about the interest that the pilots have on them”, the president of the festival council remarked.

For next year, he assured, the expectation is that we organize a better event, with better balloons, more figures and bigger fun.

Abraham Rocha pointed out the importance that the FIG has in Mexico, because in that way people can live this experience in Mexico, so he invites people to keep believing in this great party.

The visitors that Leon has received in the balloon festival have enjoyed this event to the maximum level and they go with a smile, expecting to have the chance of coming back next year.



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